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Here is some Informative Information Regarding All US Postal Service Locations

A self-supporting, independent, federal agency, the United States Postal Service is the only shipment solution that gets to each and every address in the nation: 155 million houses, companies and Post Office Boxes. The U.S. Postal Service gets no tax payer dollars for operating costs as well as depends on the sale of shipping, services and products to pay for its procedures.

With more than Thirty One Thousand Six Hundred retail areas and one of the most often browsed online web site in the federal government.

The US Postal Service has annual income of almost $69B Dollars and also provides 47% of the world's packages. With over half a million employees, the US Postal Service is among the country's largest employers. If it were a private business, the US Post Office would place 43rd in the 2015 Fortune 500 as well as 137th in the 2015 Worldwide Fortune 500 list.

The United States Postal Service operates one of the world's largest local area networks, linking nearly 32 thousand centers as well as making communication possible in between hundreds of thousands of workers, in addition to our clients.

The Post Office objective is to supply a dependable, effective, relied on and budget friendly global shipment service that connects individuals as well as assists services expand. Every person living in the United States and its areas has access to postal product or services and also pays the same for a First Class postage stamp no matter their area.

The Post Office has established a core set of enduring objectives that guide all of its critical initiatives as well as constant enhancement initiatives:

  • Supply High-Quality Solutions
  • Supply Excellent Client Experiences
  • Ensure a Safe Work Environment and also an Engaged Labor force

The U.S. Postal Service puts information as well as innovation in the middle of its organisational techniques. It's finding means to harness analytics and also insights and information to encourage employees and consumers. It's additionally speeding up the pace of advancement, and developing mobile as well as electronic devices to play a larger duty in the day-to-day digital lives of customers. The US Postal Service is already a technology-centric company. It utilizes the globe's most advanced tracking as well as details systems to speed up the circulation of mail and plans throughout its network, producing essentially billions of data points everyday. The United States Post Office is leveraging the information derived from that durable scanning and tracking to add value to the senders and receivers of mail and also plans, and also to create new product or services to stimulate growth in the mailing industry.

The United States Post Office remains to play a vital function as a driver of commerce and also as a service provider of shipment solutions that connects Americans to one another, reliably, affordably and securely, and also to every household and service address.

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United States Postal Service Headquarters
475 L'Enfant Plaza SW
Washington, DC 20590
United States

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